Cade's Malocclusion

Meet Cade

Cade is an adorable Staffordshire puppy who has a malocclusion. His lower jaw is longer than his upper jaw and his lower canines are creating painful ulcers in his palate. We extracted them to relieve his discomfort as well as get his jaw to self-correct.

Learn about malocclusions

Because the lower canines and incisors were intruding on the palate, extraction was the most effective way to treat them.

Dr. Niemiec extracted the teeth to relieve the pain and potential infection as well as to relieve what is known as an adverse dental interlock. This is where the teeth preclude the jaw from growing to its full genetic potential. Extracting these teeth is known as interceptive orthodontics, which may result in the jaw developing into a normal position. If this does not occur, the typical recommendation is crown reduction followed by bottle pop therapy to remove the pain while maintaining the strength of the jaw.

Post Surgery

Here are the eight deciduous teeth that were extracted. Note that the crown comprises less than 20% of the canines and that the roots are 90% of the deciduous incisors.
These are big extractions and need to be done carefully to avoid breaking the root and or damaging the adult teeth.

Cade after her successful extraction!