Dr. Maria Mouallem

Meet Dr. Maria Mouallem

As her mobile van says, "I am not Noah, but I try." She's on a mission to physically bring health and happiness to the doors of pets and their owners with her mobile clinic. Learn more about her and the special cases she performed on a Toy Pomeranian and a male cat with stomatisis.

Dr. Maria Mouallem is the founder of "Vetlivery Mobile Clinic", the first and only mobile clinic in Lebanon and the Middle East created and fully operated by a woman.
This concept was entirely her own, from the idea stage to the implementation stage, was fully planned and executed by her.

Vetlivery provides comprehensive in-home veterinary services, including consultations, vaccinations, preventive care, diagnostics, treatment, dental care, dermatology, ophthalmology, internal medicine and surgeries. In addition to an equipped laboratory. These services are conveniently offered in the comfort of your own home.

Dr. Maria is currently expanding the business in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region and making preparations for the utilization of a second mobile clinic, starting with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

She is known for her motto: "I believe that dreams become attainable when fear becomes a driving force, rather than limiting beliefs."

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Meeting Dr. Niemiec

Dr. Maria met Dr. Niemiec at the Beirut International Veterinary Congress (BIVC). He was a speaker at the event. His messages inspired Dr. Maria. Prior to the conference, Dr. Maria and team had always thought to wait until a pet's first anesthesia to remove a puppy's remaining milk teeth. However, after listening to Dr. Niemiec she learned that veterinarians don't necessarily need to wait until the puppy's six-month mark or the day of neuter to do so!

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Dr Maria In Action


Retained Teeth Case

Check out the images from Dr. Maria's recent case. She successfully treated the retainer primary teeth in a 7 month old Female Toy Pomeranian called Whiskey.

Unlike our other cases, you won't see any dental radiographs here. Why? In Lebanon and the Middle East, dental radiographs are not readily available and are not commonly used.

Photos of Retained Primary Teeth Procedure



See Dr. Maria's second case: stomatitis in a five year old, intact male cat named White.

Photos of Stomatitis Procedure

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