Ergonomic Resources For The Human-Side

Resources for you the vet, tech and staff

Ergonomic support for vet pros

Below you'll find a growing list of resources to help you serve your patients better.


Dr. Niemiec's Lecture: "Taking Care of You: Dental Ergonomics"
Dr. Skinner's Lecture: "Tips and Tricks to Make Dentistry a Little Easier"
Why Ergonomics is Critical for Vet Pros
Dr. Niemiec's Top Ergonomic Tool
Learn About Loupes
Common Ergonomic Errors and Solutions for Dental Hygienists
Enova Loupes and Headlights
Proper Chair Height and Stretching Videos
FDI Posture Guidelines
Equipment List
Stretching for Dental Hygienists
Additional Ergonomic Resources

VDS Quarterly: Focus on Ergonomics

Read our August 2023 Quarterly about ergonomics from both the patient and veterinary provider sides.

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