VDS Doctor

Dr. Jeff Henderson

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the Oklahoma State University


Dr. Jeff Henderson was born and raised in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. His aspirations for veterinary medicine started while watching his uncle perform surgery at age 8. He received degrees in Biology and Zoology from Oklahoma State University prior to earning his doctorate of veterinary medicine (DVM) in 2017. He was the third in his family to pursue his DVM from Oklahoma State, where he also met his wife and now co-worker, Dr. Natalie Henderson.

Dr. Henderson started his career in general practice at multiple clinics in Texas and Florida. In 2020, Dr. Natalie Henderson decided to pursue a career in veterinary dentistry and the family moved to California to support her. While there, Dr. Henderson switched from general practice to emergency medicine where he felt his skills were better utilized. While practicing emergency medicine, he spent a lot of time at VDS San Diego, observing and absorbing everything veterinary dentistry. He quickly developed a passion for the field, which led to the decision to join his wife and start a veterinary dentistry residency.

Outside of the practice, Dr. Henderson can be found spending time with his three children: Harper, Hadley, and Cooper. He also enjoys golfing and watching his beloved Cowboys in any sport. The Hendersons have two dogs, Stella and Hank. They’ve had Stella, a German Shorthaired Pointer, since veterinary school, and they recently added Hank, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, to their family.