Residency Program
VDS has a world-class residency program and is seeking qualified candidates.

The Best Place to be a Resident

As the premier learning facility in the country, VDS is a great place to learn veterinary dentistry and anesthesia. We are privately owned and operated; however, our national footprint allows us the advantages of a large practice. The Center for Excellence and flagship VDS practice has 4 operatories and typically 2-4 veterinarians (diplomates or residents) practicing daily. As a teaching facility, our veterinarians are seasoned mentors and instructors.

Our core mission is to train the next generation of veterinary professionals.

Why Choose VDS for your residency?

With 18 locations and 14 veterinarians, we are the largest dental clinic in the world.

20 years of experience training U.S. and international veterinary dentists

A robust structured residency training program schedule

Unsurpassed caseload in depth and breadth

Full-time board-certified anesthesiologist to: grow your expertise in anesthesia
and allow you to focus on dentistry

The latest equipment:
Cone Beam CT
Digital radiology integrated with practice management software
Full in-house diagnostic suite
Rotary endodontics
Piezo surgery units

Learn from Dr. Niemiec, an experienced and prolific author.

Several VTS and VTS in training associated with the practice (anesthesia and dentistry)

Opportunities to teach and publish research

International reach:
Dr. Niemiec and Furman are Diplomates of the EVDC
Professional presence and expansion in Europe and Latin America, among other regions

Business training & franchise ownership opportunities

4 hours/week for Journal and Textbook clubs

Program Overview

What to Expect
Year 1: 5 days a week

Years 2-3: 4 days a week

Typical workdays are 8-6 PM

No emergency on-call

Weekends offered on occasion to provide program flexibility
Our Locations
Our practices are located in cities with extensive opportunities for employment in a wide variety of other fields, lively nightlife, and cultural opportunities, safe and affordable family housing, and fantastic schools. We are looking to establish long-term relationships, preferably with residents staying on indefinitely following training. In addition, we offer ownership programs to assist new diplomates who wish to start their own practice and are open to expansion throughout North America.

Our residency program includes time spent in both standalone and large specialty practices, which allows for interaction and support from a variety of specialists. In addition, we contract with an anesthesiologist providing our residents excellent support in this area. Further, travel for specialty hours is not required
Lecturing & Mentorship
VDS hosts a variety of visiting veterinary students, and technicians, for whom the resident will be involved in their informal education.
Residents will be expected to assist at the San Diego Vet Dental Training Center, and involvement with other labs taught by our Diplomates is encouraged.  If this opportunity is elected, the resident will be monetarily compensated.
Our residents are expected to lecture at the Veterinary Dental Forum as well as our local events. 
Involvement and presentation in the Niemiec On-Line Veterinary Dental Journal Club is mandatory.
Residents' Schedules
See below for the resident schedule overview and sample initial 3 calendar months.

Please note, that we are not a university residency site, therefore all residents must have the appropriate documentation already fulfilled to work and practice veterinary medicine in the USA.  California licensure is optimal, but we will work with the successful candidate to procure if necessary.
VDS Family
VDS is not a corporate group, and we interact and work as both a team and a family. Most of our employees have been with us for many years, increasing the support. Several of our residents and specialists are raising young families, traveling extensively, and enjoying the kind of work-life balance rarely seen in traditional residencies.

Residency Schedule

  1. These calendars are to be used as guides for the resident and mentor and may be changed at any time per the residency director’s, mentor’s, and/or practice manager’s discretion. There are many variables (speed of learning, surgical speed, time off, changes in learning goals, etc.) that may lead to change(s) to these calendars.
  2. Time off, residency self-learning and article writing time, and sick time are not included in these calendars. These times will be determined by the resident and mentor based on their personal and the practice’s schedules.
    1. Residency Self-Learning and Article Writing Time = 13-14 days per quarter (accumulates at a rate of 1 day per week)
      1. This time can be taken as a 1 day per week, as a block, or as a combination of per week and a block with the approval of the mentor and practice manager.
      2. This time is to be used to complete all non-clinical AVDC residency requirements (i.e., all other AVDC requirements to credential). Examples of these requirements are studying the literature and procedures needed to complete the residency and pass the board examinations, creating and maintaining the resident’s curriculum vitae and case logs, completing the specialty hours, performing the dental radiograph sets, and developing and writing the required publication(s).


Sample Schedules For The First 3 Months

Take the Next Step: Apply Today

We are a private practice residency; thus, we do not require potential residents to have completed an internship or be published prior to entering the residency. We excel in training people who want to focus on practicing. While we provide a substantial support system, the successful candidate must be motivated to study and write.

Currently, we are able consider applicants needing Visas only if you already have a US-based veterinary license.

To apply: click below to open the PDF and read through the requirements and see submission details.


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