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406 Baker Blvd
Suite #160
Tukwila, Washington 98188

Tuesday-Thursday: 7 AM-5 PM

Phone: 425-437-8959

Fax: 858-573-8607

Please note: calls will be handled remotely until the practice is open full-time in January 2024.

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Appointment Protocols

  • When you arrive, please call 425-437-8959, and the VDS staff will meet you at the door to escort you to an exam room.
  • Dr. Fielder will be examining your pet in the exam room and then reviewing findings and recommendations with you.
  • Initial estimates will be provided for your pet’s pre-anesthesia work-up, pre-anesthesia medications, and for their procedure.
  • Dr. Fielder firmly believes in minimizing stress and anxiety for her patients. To help facilitate as calm an experience as possible, she generally sends home some pre-procedure medications to ease your pet’s anxiety.

Procedure Protocols

  • When you arrive, please call 425-437-8959, and the VDS staff will meet you at the door to escort you to an exam room.
    • Please note there is a separate CAT entrance leading directly to the exam room to minimize your cat’s stress.
  • Dr. Fielder will review oral exam and imaging findings and recommend treatments for your pet. To get to this stage of the process is generally around an hour and a half from admission.
    • If you would like to go through findings and treatment recommendations face to face with Dr. Fielder, you may wait in an exam room or in your car.
    • If you elect to leave, you must be reachable by phone to make medical decisions. Dr. Fielder will text you photos and call to discuss findings and treatment recommendations with you.
  • The treatment plan will be updated, and a new estimate will be provided based on the findings of the oral exam and imaging.
  • Our procedures our outpatient; thus your pet will generally be ready to go home within an hour or so of going to recovery. This allows them to complete their recovery at home with you, where they are more comfortable, thus minimizing their stress.

And the prize goes to Teddy!

We welcomed our first patient last month at VDS Seattle.

Teddy came to us presenting with periodontal disease. Upon further examination, Dr. Fielder found additional common problems, including a fractured incisor and tooth resorption.

Our team, pictured here, was able to help him.

Meet our Seattle Team. Pictured from Left to Right: Ivonne our RVT, Petal our CSR & assistant, and Dr. Cody Fielder

See below for Teddy’s surgery photos.




We’re happy to announce Teddy’s procedure went well.

While he’s been recovering, he sent in his sister Mira!

We referred Mira to an esteemed cardiologist, Dr. Katie Nadolny at Summit Veterinary Referral Center. Dr. Nadolny was kind enough to work with Dr. Fielder and the VDS team to evaluate Mira promptly. Stay tuned for more photos and updates when Mira returns for her procedure.

We look forward to seeing you and your pet family at our newest location!

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