Why we believe in the benefits of pet anesthesiology

All dental treatments require anesthesia, and we at VDS take it very seriously. Anesthesiology is not just keeping your pet safe under anesthesia; it also includes pre-operative work-up and evaluation, and pain management.

At VDS, we provide world-class, cutting-edge anesthesia. We have the latest monitoring systems and patient warming/comfort devices, and most of our clinics have in-house diagnostics for same-day testing, which improves safety. All our doctors have received extra anesthesia training. Finally, we have a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist on staff who works in tandem with a network of anesthesiologists across the country to take care of your pets.

Anesthesiology Services

Anesthetic Protocol
Your pet's medical record including history, and physical exam findings, lab work and any other testing (i.e. radiographs, cardiac ultrasound report) will be thoroughly reviewed by a Board-Certified Veterinary Anesthesiologist. They will then create a tailor-made anesthesia protocol specifically for your pet. They will also recommend any additional testing that they feel is needed to ensure your pet's safety under anesthesia. A complete medical record including lab work and ECG is necessary for the anesthesiologist to create the ideal protocol, therefore having the pre-operative testing performed as soon as possible is in your pet’s best interest. Having the tests run at the time of the consultation will assure that we have the correct tests in the most expedient manner. This will also avoid rescheduling if additional tests are recommended based on the work-up prior to anesthesia.
Indirect & Direct Video Monitoring
Direct and indirect are available regularly in our Irvine and San Diego Flagship practices and occasionally in other locations. However, we know many patients in our other locations would benefit from our anesthesia services on a more regular basis. This is particularly true with emergency cases where waiting/scheduling in-person monitoring is not an option Therefore, we offer video direct and indirect monitoring services at all other satellites.
Indirect Monitoring
In these cases, the anesthesiologist is physically present in the practice/operatory but is not directly monitoring the patient. They may also have other patients under general anesthesia (usually one other and no more than a total of 3 at one time) at the same time. They will be part of the team, supervising the doctors and technicians, and will take over if any problems occur, but will not be directly performing the anesthesia throughout the procedure.
Direct Monitoring
This is the ultimate in patient care and safety. The anesthesiologist will personally
care for your patient throughout the entire procedure. This includes performing a complete pre-operatory physical
exam (in all other cases, the dentist will do so) n the day of the procedure. They will create/adjust the anesthesia
protocol and supervise premedication. They will induce anesthesia, intubate the patient, and ensure stability and
comfort for the anesthetized patient. They will then monitor the patient, adjust anesthesia, and manage any
complications under anesthesia. Finally, they will assist in recovery and create an optimized pain management plan
for your pet.

We work with an extensive team of board-certified anesthesiologists


VDS now proudly offers indirect and direct video monitoring to our satellite locations

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Lexi & Remi – Indirect & Direct Monitoring

Meet  Lexi and Remi

This pair of adorable housemates came into our Las Vegas practice for dental cleanings and extractions.

Remi’s Heart

Remi has a mild heart condition, and thus his pet parents decided to drive from Las Vegas to San Diego to benefit from the services of our anesthesiologist.
Having a board-certified dental anesthesiologist physically present is the best and safest way to perform dental work. However, this is not an option for many clients, especially when it’s an even longer drive,

VDS Now Offers Video Anesthesia Monitoring

Therefore, we are now offering VIDEO anesthesia monitoring. Using the latest technology, our anesthesiologist can remotely monitor the patient’s vitals under anesthesia and provide suggestions for the local veterinarian to make anesthesia as safe as possible without traveling. This is genuinely cutting-edge medicine.

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