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Together with outstanding pet wellness and veterinary service providers, we aim to bring our colleagues, students, and clients the best in veterinary services from head to tail.

Our Choice for Loupes and Headlights

Enova Illuminations – See Better to Perform Better

Enova Illumination is advancing comfort, visualization, and illumination in veterinary professionals with their products which include world-renowned LED headlights, custom loupes, clip-on lights, and extra oral cameras.

Based in Minnesota, Enova produces and customizes their products, so each customer experiences the best fit for their practice. They have products available to buy online or if you would like to discuss the best options for your practice, a local representative will schedule a time to meet with you.

Explore the Enova product line and use the code VDS23 to receive 15% off items available in the online store.

Enter VDS23 for 15% Off

See how we use Enova products daily at VDS

More Partners Coming Soon

We're proud to kick off our preferred partners program with Enova.

We'll be bringing you more incredible equipment from our veterinary service providers shortly.

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