Meet The Baying Beagle: Leah

Leah’s Rescue!

Leah, an approximately 10-year-old FS Beagle, was adopted in January when she was spotted at a rescue. Her new owner has a soft spot for Beagles and knew he had to adopt Leah immediately.
Leah’s new owner noticed she ate well and was happy, but she needed to “scoop” her food. Her lower jaw hung down and was dramatically angled – likely broken but not completely healed.

Photo Credit: Leah’s photos and videos were graciously provided by her pet parent

VDS Visit and Prognosis

That’s when Leah came to see Dr. Gibbs and the VDS team in Arroyo Grande.  The owner wanted to see what could be done for her lower jaw and the terrible odor in her mouth.  He felt she had a decent quality of life but wanted to see what our options were.
Dr. Gibbs anesthetized her for a full oral examination and radiographs. The results showed conclusive evidence of fractures of the right and left mandible as well as bilateral oronasal fistulas.

Leah In Surgery

Leah’s Treatment and Recovery

Treatment included removal of the entire fractured portion of mandible, extraction of the remaining maxillary teeth, and closure of the fistulas.
Although her tongue hangs out a bit, Leah was eating well the day after surgery.
One week out, the owner sent a video of her running around and baying like a true Beagle.
Something she had never done prior to the surgery!
As we continue to monitor her care, a recheck for complete closure of the oronasal fistulas is still pending.

Thank you!

And thank you to her new pet parent! We appreciate you sharing the great photos and videos of Leah. We look forward to hearing about your adventures together.

The Baying Leah!

Leah Post Surgery
See Leah after her surgery
Leah Baying
Hear Leah bay!