Rema and her Talladium Crowns


These are talladium crowns that now belong to Rema. Rema is an almost 3-year-old explosives detection agent for the BART Police (Bay Area Rapid Transit). We met her because her worn-down teeth were causing her extreme discomfort. After an exam and some great work with our partners, VDS was able to help her with a brand new smile.

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Rema’s Story

Rema was referred by Muller Veterinary Hospital to VDS because of her extensive enamel wear on her canines. This resulted from chronic ‘cage-chewing’ that occurred during her training.

Rema’s enamel loss allowed for her underlying dentin exposure, creating extreme sensitivity and unrelenting pain when eating, drinking, and working.

To treat her, Dr. Niemiec prepared the teeth, and impressions were made and sent out to our friends at Creature Crowns, where Scott and his team cast her amazing Talladium crowns. By placing crowns on the damaged teeth, we not only take care of the sensitivity but also add strength to a tooth that would otherwise be at a higher risk of fracturing.

If you happen to see Rema and Officer Cleary the next time you ride on a BART train, check out her new grill and thank them for their service!

Rema's New Grill

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