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Taking Care of Your Dog's Teeth

Dental plaque forms in 24 hours and hardens into tartar in about three days, which is “why daily home care to remove plaque is critical,” says dental veterinarian Brook A. Niemiec, a co-author of the 2020 World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Global Dental Guidelines.

How to take care of your pet’s teeth

See VDS's own Chief of Staff, Brook A. Niemiec featured in the Washington Post. Brook talks to Sally Squires about the importance of brushing your dog's teeth. Brook then shows clients exactly how to brush their own animal's teeth so as to prevent decay.

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Get step-by-step training on the best ways to brush your dog's teeth at home.

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth Series INTRO
Watch Dr. Brook Niemiec and 6-year old German Pointer Stella.
How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth Series Part 1
Watch the first step to brushing your dog's teeth
How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth Series Part 1
Watch the full playlist to see all the steps to properly caring for your dog's oral health