What to Expect

Pet Parents, here’s what to expect at your first pet dental appointment

The Consult

When setting up dental treatment for your pet, ideally we start with a consultation. This consists of the doctor performing a physical and oral exam while your pet is awake. The doctor will discuss any problems noted, and give you treatment recommendations. At that time, you can discuss your concerns and questions with the doctor. After this exam, and having reviewed your veterinarian’s records, the doctor can then assess an anesthetic protocol for your pet and make any pre-operative testing recommendations.

*Our staff will then be able to assemble a preliminary estimate based on the doctor’s recommendations.  

Next Steps

All of these steps allow you to make the most informed decisions regarding your pet’s therapy and then schedule an appropriate procedure appointment.

(However, we appreciate that many of our clients come from a distance to entrust their pets to us.  For this reason, the surgical procedure may be performed at the first visit under certain circumstances.)

About the Exam

A complete awake oral exam is often not possible in even the most tolerant patient. In addition, some problems are noted only on dental radiographs. For these reasons, at the procedure appointment, we request that pet parents be prepared to stay until the anesthetized exam and radiographs are completed.

Following the exam and x-rays, you will be invited into the operatory to review the oral exam and radiographic findings while your pet is under anesthesia. If any additional therapy is recommended, it will be discussed at that time and the estimate revised, if necessary.

We understand that our clients may not always be able to wait, and we do our best to work around your schedule or make sure we can contact you if needed. Most procedures are completed within 2 to 3 hours, at which time pets go directly home after recovery from anesthesia.

Working Together

Your family veterinarian is a vital part of your animal’s health care. He or she will be contacted within 24 hours following your pet’s procedure. A written referral summary including dental pictures, radiographs, and any laboratory results will also be sent for your pet’s permanent file.

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First-Time VDS Patients

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