Chewy's fractured canine

Meet Chewy

Here is a little Chewy, just before his dental procedure. He fractured his upper canine. This is a harrowing situation that, if left untreated, can progress into a severe infection.

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After coming in, the team reviewed Chewy’s treatment options: extractions and root canal therapy.


When considering extractions, we take the following into account. Due to the size of the tooth and the fragility of a cat’s gums, we at VDS try to avoid extractions of major teeth whenever possible. This is a best practice to aid our pets’ speedy recovery and avoid further complications like lip-catching. Lip-catching is where the lower canines bite into the upper lip, causing painful ulcers.

Root Canal Therapy

That leaves a root canal as the better option!

The VDS team successfully performed a root canal, and Chewy kept his tooth and avoided further complications! See you at your next check-up, Chewy!

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